There are a number of fully-funded (80-100%) new positions as research assistant (PhD student or PostDoc) available in my group starting early 2020:

- from January 2020 at the earliest (Multi-Task Learning and DL-based multimodal registration for large-scale small animal studies)
- from February 2020 at the earliest (Visualisation of DL results for image-based diagnostics of thrombosis with start-up company)
- from April 2020 at the earliest (Deep learning on point clouds for the collection of visual context information in the clinic, with industry partners)
- from April 2020 at the earliest (Confidence and explainability in the findings for X-ray thorax images, with industrial partner)

The indicated starting dates could be postponed by a few months if needed.
If you are interest in doing exciting research work in a group that has often presented groundbreaking work at MICCAI or related conferences and would like to enjoy the advantages of a medivial city (Luebeck) close to the Baltic Sea and a generous pay approx. 54'000€ for second year PhDs, then please contact me by email heinrich (at) imi (dot) uni (minus) luebeck (dot) de or in person. An excellent Master degree with experience in medical/computer vision and/or a publication at one of the major conferences / journals (TMI, MedIA, MICCAI, MIDL, CVPR, ICCV, ICLR or similar) would be a requirement.